Author Topic: I, For One, Welcome Our New CF Overlord (The Robles Thread)  (Read 12838 times)

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I'm not sure Robles's career OPS+ has stabilized.  HE had a very good first 90-100 PAs, then an acceptable level of production in 2019, but  has tailed in the last 450 PAs. We probably should have some doubt about what looked like a starter and maybe star for years back in November of 2019.

Assuming that can or will even happen.  Hitters don't always have some reliable, clockwork-like production profile like Adam Dunn or Rickey Henderson.

That said, the pining for MAT is a bit much.  Even this year, the best you can say about MAT is he is approaching mediocre in what should be his prime offensive years (or start of his decline).  He's 5 years older, too.

 :clap: Exactly.  Robles is still a a young player and a bit of a work in progress.  With MAT, you know what you're getting and it's not very good.

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So Stevenson starts 2 of 3 against Miami?    Hmmmm.....  Dog house.

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That said, the pining for MAT is a bit much.

A reminder: anytime someone compares Robles to MAT, that is not "pining" for Taylor. It means that Robles is as weak a hitter as Taylor. That Robles hits like MAT, and Taylor is a model of a .235 - .250 hitter with some power but who strikes out far too often. MAT is a fine fielder and a good base-runner -- the classic good-field / no-hit backup. That's what we have in Robles, as least so far.

If there is to be any hope for Robles, then he needs to learn to hit. If it is a public-relations catastrophe to send him back to AAA, then platoon him with Stevenson, but that still forces him to learn hitting against major leaguers. Even Harmon Killebrew could not do that.

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Zuckerman was asked about Robles on his chat this morning, here's his response:

I think the last few nights may have revealed something about the Nats' thinking on Robles. He's healthy, but he hasn't been in the lineup every night. It's been Andrew Stevenson in center field. I think some in the organization are beginning to show they've lost some patience with Robles, not only for his poor offensive numbers but for his at-times erratic approach at the plate. (Remember when he tried to bunt with Barrera on first base the other night?) I don't think this necessarily means they've given up on him long-term. But the fact Stevenson has started over him a couple times in recent days tells me they're at least considering he might not be their best option to win on any given night

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Send Robles to Rochester to learn to hit against AAA pitching. If he can't hit opposing pitchers now, there is no reason to expect him to learn by failing to hit over and over. Maybe he will hit weaker pitching and that will rebuild some confidence. He looks miserable now.