Author Topic: I, For One, Welcome Our New CF Overlord (The Robles Thread)  (Read 11656 times)

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It's always dicey to put a still developing player in the 8th spot in the NL.   He's not going to be getting a lot of opportunities to make strong contact.   He'll spend most of his plate appearances taking walks and trying to hit the occasional mistake.  It seems acceptable to have him be the #8 guy for now.   It's better to have a speedy guy there than a catcher.   It's easier to bunt him over, and has a better chance of scoring when the top of the lineup comes up.

He's just had the two defensive miscues hasn't he?   The one lost in the sun, and the weird, lazy looking play where he ran by the one hopper?   He's had some pretty great throws and I still think he's probably an elite defender.