Author Topic: I, For One, Welcome Our New CF Overlord (The Robles Thread)  (Read 9438 times)

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I'll be really curious to see if they try to manipulate his service time by giving him a couple months of "seasoning" in AAA.  I hope not, but they could try to replay the strategy from this year, with MAT starting at the beginning of the year. Robles had 25 days service time coming into the year, so he'll have somewhere between 50 and 55 going into next.  An early June call up would give 6+ years of control.

I think they bite the bullet and let him start from the get go.  His offense isn't perfect yet, but he upgrades the lineup and it would signal a we are in it to win it approach to 2019. 

I think it depends on the rest of the roster. If we are looking rough or banged up in spring training and need a sparkplug in CF, he starts day one. If Taylor plays well and the rest of the roster is healthy, then we're in good shape to let him play 4 weeks in AAA.