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Re: moderating - simple rules for what we do
« Topic Start: August 08, 2019, 05:44:53 PM »
Time for a couple more "moderating - simple rules for what we do" topics.

First, we are heading into the presidential election season.  If it isn't obvious by numerous references to the "politics" forum, we have a section in the uncensored portion of the website where we try to concentrate all political back and forth.
  We know we follow a Washington sports team, and that politics and government is a big industry around here, and that politics is big topic for discussion as we head into 2020.  I think we recognize some political references are inevitable, and what may not be obviously political ("gee, I had a nice margarita at tortilla coast") can be taken as a political comment ("that's a republican bar").  We will err on the side of dropping political comments outside the politics subforum.  Derisive nicknames for pols ("Michael 'Joe Isuzu' Dukakis") will get pulled when we spot them. We really do not want back and forth on politics to distract from the baseball conversation.  Discussion of economy and investing (another uncensored topic outside the politics forum) is OK so long as it doesn't bog down into too much about . . . politicians.

Second, just a reminder - do not quote articles in their entirety, especially those that are behind a paywall.  There are copyright rules.  Try to keep quotes to no more than a few paragraphs out of a long piece.  That said, if you are posting news, like so and so has been called up, please post a link if you can.