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Re: moderating - simple rules for what we do
« Topic Start: August 18, 2018, 09:57:21 AM »
I broke off a separate post on trolling by fans of other teams.

Pure trolling is something we will take action on but is tough to judge.  Best two examples are Tribetime and the Cubs fan who was on in the playoffs last year.  Tribetime was on WNFF back about 5 years ago. He was a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan and a fan of the Cleveland Indians as well as purportedly the Nats.  He posted a series of obnoxious posts about "we" taunting the Nats and Nats fans at an Indians-Nats game.  That, plus a lot of Indians-focused threads in the clubhouse made it seem like he was just here to troll.  While I remember Tribetime's name, I forget the Cubs troll.  After game 5 last year, he spammed the Clubhouse with a bunch of Cubs Win, Nats stink threads, which led to his banning. 

We also once had a problem with Braves trolls that was my fault, to some extent, back around 2013, when there was some trolling in various threads, back and forth, that I tried to isolate in one thread as an OK to troll each other spot on the board.  That led to a flood of new Atlanta fans here just to troll.  The Chief cleaned up my mess and booted a bunch of new members.  If you hear of a reference to a member who went by something like Dodgers RF Fence (with a picture of Bryce's crash into the the fence), that was this mess. 

General rule now on fans of other teams being members is it is acceptable as long as they recognize this is a board for Nats fans and that they can't taunt or otherwise troll.  We've had good fans of the ChiSox and other teams who have joined and who have worked out because they don't troll. 

And, of course coming from me, there's a fair number of "dual loyalty" fans who are fans of a team in the AL or in another division who are also fans of the Nats.  There's a lot of back and forth about this, but dual-loyalty isn't automatically trolling in the judgment of folks who ran this board before I became a mod and even invited me to be one.  Basically, as long as you avoid Tribetime behavior, this is accepted.