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Re: moderating - simple rules for what we do
« Topic Start: August 18, 2018, 09:54:44 AM »
Next topic is trying to explain what leads to various disciplining measures.  Some of the ones we use are editing, PM'ing, commenting on tone, warning, muting, and banning.  I'm not going to hit on everything in one post

First, the ironclad rule on images.  In the Clubhouse, Farm, Out of Town Scoreboard, and Red Loft (the public-facing side of the board), no body parts, male or female, that you can't see on network TV without a wardrobe malfunction.  Somewhat looser approach in uncensored, but still no genitalia or female nipples.  Any indication of non-consent will lead to a post being pulled and potential loss of posting privileges.

Second, there's a set of standard warnings that can lead to warning, muting or banning:  Threats, spamming, posting offensive material, and insulting users / staff.  There are lots of room for interpretation of these things - I'm not going to say every time you say member X stinks or anything that someone could construe as offensive (Oh my goodness, you have shown Sean Doolittle's untrimmed beard! As a barber, I find that offensive!) is going to lead to an action.  That said, we try to be very quick and harsh to posts that anyone could spot as racist, for example. 

In terms of insults to other members, there's going to be some hostility between board personas that is kind of natural.  I will insult anyone who thinks chicago tomato pies are pizza, and expect to get some grief about being an east coast pizza snob back.  More seriously, "I'm a better fan than you," use of / rejection of stats, I used to play so my opinion counts more, I follow another team, and the like are going to draw some comments back, and as long as they aren't vicious, most of the time I think we let that stuff go.  If it bogs down a thread, like a back and forth between a couple of folks that goes on for a page that has little to do with the topic, then that's a good candidate to get broken out into a separate thread.  Start blending in references to physical harm, racist / misogynist / sexual relations and roles / ethnicity (basically, the EEO / civil rights statute stuff), and that will prompt muting pretty and maybe banning pretty quickly. 

In terms of what action will we take, if something is a bad word or gif in an otherwise acceptable post, I will sometimes go back into a post and clean it up.  More common for the other mods is to remove a post altogether.  This is often the quickest thing to do.  If there's a back and forth, I will sometimes post in the thread and ask folks to turn it down.  PMs are used by all of the mods to more individually advise members on behavior.  Then we escalate to warnings, muting, and bans.   From our records, we probably go through several months without issuing a warning.