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Re: moderating - simple rules for what we do
« Topic Start: August 15, 2018, 01:42:24 PM »
I agree. I guess the "Trade Soto" thread was meant to stir the pot a bit.

If I was king I would also discourage stupid, whiny threads like the "Stop the Season" thread. What productive purpose or dicussion is that supposed to serve? Was that intended to be humor?
I also think it was meant to stir the pot, but I think it was in good faith. BS doesn't believe in trading the guy, but he was thinking that, if we are going to discuss trading crown jewels, then why not the guy who could bring back a ton. 

As for the variations of negative-themed threads in the Clubhouse near the top of the forum, well, people are negative now so it reflects the members' views.  We could have a monster sort of Legion of Doom thread and merge some topics, but there's a bit different focus to most of these threads.  Stop the season is more of a humorous blow off steam thread, Legion of Doom is more finding the dark cloud in everything, Fire X, Fire Y, Fire Z are more in the tradition of dedicated threads to different off-field people.  There's a little bit of sense to it.