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Re: moderating - simple rules for what we do
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Honestly yours seemed a joke thread-aspenbubba, whether you agreed with him or not, honestly thought trading Max would make sense for both Max and the team.  You can't honestly say you though trading Soto might be a good idea, hence the reason it seemed you created the thread solely to make fun of aspenbubba. My two cents anyway.

I absolutely think it would be a bad idea to trade Soto. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be discussed. If as aspenbubba said, we should look at everyone that can improve the team for the future, the we should look at everyone. So to some degree, yeah, I was using some bit of hyperbole to take the point that many others (not just aspenbubba, I wasn't trying to make fun of him) have made to it's logical conclusion. But I don't think it was completely unreasonable to discuss.

And If the bar for posting here is something that you sincerely believe to be true, it's going to make threads a heck of a lot shorter. 

Look, it seems to me that I pissed off JCA for some reasons (see how he didn't quote me, he just blew my comments off as a rant) and thought I was making fun of aspenbubba and summarily deleted my thread.  It seems pretty rare to me to have a non-profane, civil baseball related post that only contains baseball analysis summarily deleted because of who wrote it or the perceived mood of the poster was.  But I'm certain that it would have been left up if it had been any number of other posters. 

But I'm not a mod, and it's not my board. So  :shrug:

Edit: It sucks that you deleted it without reading it though...