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Re: Note to admins
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I was warned this board is full of jerks , bullies and idiots that go nuts if something is not placed  where they think it should be  --------   it has lived up to its reputation ------------------ adm please remove my profile   (this site won't let me do it)

I really enjoyed reading your posts on the MLB board and I have been happy to see you on WNFF. I'd suggest that you reconsider and stick around.

Two big differences on WNFF than what you are used to. 1) a lot more posters means that for every opinion you express there are more people who will disagree. You are strongly opinionated so at times you will have three or four people responding. That means that if anything you are interesting to read. 2) it took me a while to get used to the idea that there were a smaller number of topic threads grouped into sections and it can be tougher to follow a giant thread than a few smaller ones. You'll pick it up quick enough, better to post and get corrected than to not post at all.