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I haven't tried Unlocator yet, but I tried SmartDNSProxy today and was able to bring up the MASN feed of the Orioles game on MLB.TV.  I configured my router to use DNS IP locations in a different country and then set "Channel Group D" in the SmartDNSProxy settings to Germany.  After doing that I could watch MASN on MLB.TV both from my browser and from Roku (I didn't try FireTV).  Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a solution.

Would you have to reset it for day to day work-from-home activities? I imagine I might; I'm not permitted to travel overseas with my work laptop. I guess one could use a DSN IP in Missouri or something.

Quick Update: Looks like I didn't even need to use DNS servers in another country.  Tonight I changed my router settings to use the SmartDNSProxy servers in Northern Virginia (primary) and New Jersey (secondary) and I still had no problem watching tonight's Orioles-Yankees game on MASN on my computer, my Roku and my FireTV.  Since this is working for me, I'm probably not even going to try Unlocator.