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Re: Cord cutting 2018–19 and beyond
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Are people still using sling boxes?  These are just the the things that allow you to watch your cable box from other locations and are pretty much obsolete.

Not obsolete at all - I love my Slingbox!  The best part about it is that's it's free from any monthly charges.  I'm already paying way too much money for a DirecTV subscription at home, so why would I want to pay more money to stream things when I'm away from home?  I can just tap into my home receiver and watch anything - including all the stuff I already have recorded on my DVR.  Plus, I have Sunday Ticket at home, so even when I'm away from home I can still watch any NFL game I want for free. 

It totally sucks that they are going to brick this fantastic product, but I've been expecting it for quite some time.  Every company is going to the subscription model, and I can't exactly blame them.