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I don't think there is anyway streaming rights works on a local level.   As the big players shape up to be CBS/Viacom, Peacock, Disney/ESPN+, and HBO Max, I expect a bidding war for a nationalized in market streaming package, and we'll probably have to subscribe to one of those services to stream baseball games.   These companies are going to be aggressively seeking properties that makes their offering a must subscribe package.

The problem for sports is that the services are very aware that people are price sensitive and that there are alternatives- just hypothetically, if Netflix added NFL, but charged and extra $5 a month to cover their expenses, they may attract users, but they’d also loose subscribers and those they attracted may just drop them following the last game they have rights to and resubscribe the next season. I could see it going the way of NBA TV or MLB TV as a stand alone subscription- the question is whether or not they would generate the revenue necessary to make up for cable