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I think Apple TV's interface gives a glimpse of the future.  All the apps that are integrated show your next episode, new episodes of shows you watch, shows you might want to watch and promoted shows.  I expect that will be the glue that makes it a better user experience.

Disney saw the future when 2 million people willingly signed up for ESPN+ so quickly considering very little high profile content.   ESPN+ has 3.5 million subscribers already, which is probably about on par with YTTV, Hulu Live, Sling etc., and those services have stalled out in terms of growth.  The future for them is probably ESPN+ that includes real ESPN @$15, Disney+ at $10, and a bundle at $20 and I'm sure they'll get up to 40-50 million subscribers pretty quickly.

The RSNs are the ones who don't seem to have a plan.   There's no way they can get anywhere near the revenue the bundle has given them if they sell themselves standalone.

Earlier I heard Disney is expecting 90 million subscribers by the end of next year.