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Disney + is the first major move of going away from the bundle to direct to consumer.   Eventually ESPN's high profile content will end up on ESPN+, and most everything will be available on a direct to consumer service, and the need for a service like You Tube TV will disappear.   Then you have that $50 freed up to spread among the original content services you feel are worth paying for.   I suspect most people will have about 3-5 of the major services and will be looking at less than $50 a month for all their TV needs and wants.

I saw a story a few weeks ago saying that the cable companies like Comcast and Verizon are pretty much done with TV packages.  They are losing money on them, sick of dealing with rights-fees battles, and are instead focusing on broadband services that are profitable.  I guess it's one of the reasons you are seeing things like Verizon giving FiOS Unlimited customers a year of Disney+ for free.

I have FiOS preferred, which gives me the popular cable channels, local TV, and the local sports networks.  Going to "Ultimate" would cost another $35 a month, so I can't justify it just to get D+