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Re: Cord Cutting
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There's already consolidation happening. Disney+ has packages with Hulu and/or ESPN+. I have a Hulu and Spotify package. Most of these networks know their standalone services won't sustain themselves, it's all just a way for networks and studios to buy back the rights to their crap so they get a bigger cut when we eventually go back to a cable-like system in streaming.

There's too many platforms to make it financially smart to cord-cut anymore if you consume a lot of TV IMO. I don't watch much beyond sports and re-runs of a few shows so YoutubeTV + Hulu is all I need, though my GF got Disney+ and I'm sure I'll watch the new star wars show on it.

Disney is doing it right by releasing so many original shows on it, of course they have plenty to draw people in but knowing there's a years-long plan of original content around the most popular franchises in the world makes it a slam dunk to be successful.

Remember when Netflix Originals were good? I wonder how long they'll try to milk the Stranger Things popularity.  Eventually I think Netflix merges with someone like Hulu. Maybe not soon, but I don't see how Netflix is sustainable.
Disney + is the first major move of going away from the bundle to direct to consumer.   Eventually ESPN's high profile content will end up on ESPN+, and most everything will be available on a direct to consumer service, and the need for a service like You Tube TV will disappear.   Then you have that $50 freed up to spread among the original content services you feel are worth paying for.   I suspect most people will have about 3-5 of the major services and will be looking at less than $50 a month for all their TV needs and wants.