Author Topic: MLBPA files grievance against Rays, Pirates, A's and Marlins re: revenue sharing  (Read 319 times)

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The baseball players union is more than curious about why certain teams, such as the Rays, aren't spending more money.

So the union filed a grievance to Major League Baseball against four teams — the A's, Marlins, Pirates and Rays — claiming they have failed to comply with rules of how they spend their revenue sharing money, the Tampa Bay Times has learned.

Teams are required to spend their revenue-sharing money to improve the on-field product, according to terms of the collective bargaining agreement, though not necessarily on their major-league payroll.

The Rays are considered one of the biggest revenue-sharing recipients, getting what is believed to be about $45 million a year.

MLB responded with a statement to the Times: "We have received the grievance and believe it has no merit."

Grievance includes 2017 season and the 2017-18 offseason.  Pirates have already responded that the grievance is "baseless" and a "meritless claim."

It's gonna get ugly.