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Re: cycling in 2018 & beyond
« Reply #350: September 06, 2022, 08:24:00 AM »
did anyone go to the Baltimore race on Sunday?  It looked like a good field.  Michael Matthews and Dylan Groenewegen from Bike Exchange, Sepp VanMarcke, Kris Neilandts, and others from IPT's classics team, Neilson Powless and Magnus Cort as well as others from EF, and Quinn Simmons and TJ Skujns from Trek.  Plus Human Powered Health's A team, Novo Nordisk, even the L39gion of LA.

I did not go and did some riding instead.  I didn't realize just how hot it was and did not drink enough just doing up and back to Bethesda before the Nats game. Apparently the race surprised a lot of the teams with the heat and the hills.