Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Wil Crowe, RHP  (Read 5045 times)

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Re: Follow the Prospects: Wil Crowe, RHP
« Reply #75: August 08, 2019, 05:10:35 PM »
That's not quite true. Hes not at 5.10 for the season. That's his AAA era. He was at 3.87 at AA, and now sits at 4.16 for the year.

He just blew up for 7 runs in 4 innings in his latest AAA start. His previous 4 AAA starts were 26ip, 24 H, 22/11 k/bb, 10 ER for a 3.46ERA.

Hes not pitching that bad.

My mistake. I meant 5.10 at AAA. Thanks for catching that.

Even if you factor out the 7 run game on 8/5, he's still posted a 4.42 ERA over the previous 9 starts.   Again, I don't know what the PCL curve would be.   His walk rate is pretty low (about 2.5/9) which is good.

Splits show lefties hitting .378 off of him.  We probably won't throw him against LA. :)