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Re: Fire the Coaching Staff (2018)
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In their defense, I would have bet money that Zim would be an amazing defensive first baseman where he didn't have to throw. He hasn't been bad, but LaRoche was better.  I think Turner turned the corner and played good defense this season. But Murphy is paid for his bat, not his glove. No arguing that. When you put Difo in at second that's a pretty solid infield.

Wieters is a disaster. Just an absolute disaster of a signing.

I think Murphy would be better at 1B than Zim honestly. It's the way Zim moves, or doesn't, that makes me question his glove. The part about his arm is that we all know its shot.

I feel bad because I actually wanted them to sign Wieters. It has been awful sans that first month. Not sure if there is a bounceback to at least average left in him or not.