Author Topic: Fire Dave Martinez - Stay in the Fight - Magic Number 12  (Read 153524 times)

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It's to his detriment that he keeps saying "we played well, ran the bases well, defense played well........"  In fact the very next question last night was about Eaton airmailing the throw in the 8th allowing the trail runner to get into scoring position (and later score).  Does he forget these things, or just think that nobody will challenge him on it?  Meanwhile, Bo Porter just spent 5 minutes going over the subtle miscues and how they cost the team last night. 

I haven't seen Porter much but caught a little last night, it was kind of funny watching Kolko try to bluff his way through a conversation with a guy who actually knows what he's talking about.

That quote about just needing to iron out the bullpen was in response to a question with that exact phrase. Martinez has a habit of repeating what was just said to him and agreeing with it. I was wondering if the media guys intentionally ask questions in a way to set Martinez up with quotable responses. That line was Tweeted out by multiple beat writers, none of them mentioned that Martinez was simply parroting the reporter.