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Re: Fire Dave Martinez - Lilliquist scapegoated
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Former Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez perfect fit as Nationals manager

Nationals manager Dave Martinez enters his new job knowing he will be deemed a success only if he wins at least one playoff series in 2018.

A big part of ending one historic drought in Chicago, Martinez now moves on to Drought 2.0 in Washington.

After waiting years for a chance to slide over into the manager’s chair, serving as Joe Maddon’s wing man the last decade with the Rays and the Cubs, Martinez’s time finally has arrived.

But instead of running a start-up with the built-in patience factor, the former Cubs bench coach won’t be afforded the luxury of growing into his first managerial job. When spring training begins in Florida in February, the 53-year-old Martinez will be at the helm of a ready-made contender that once again should cruise to a National League East title and compete with the Dodgers and Cubs for a World Series reservation.

Really good article about Martinez.

I don't get excited about manager hires and Martinez wasn't my top choice, but really starting to like this hire. I knew from day one it was an obvious, safe hire on paper but I am starting to like it more and more. I really like they've been able to place a couple experienced hands around him.