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Re: Should we trade Harper?
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What about Mauer? He was the same. And spent minimal time in the minors. No one in the Twins organization is calling him anything but homegrown.

You seem to be leaving out Mauer is also a hometown guy of the team he plays for and was a legit stud prospect.  Well, he's from St. Paul but that's close enough for Twins fans and the Pohlads. 

Mauer was a protege at 16? He was on the cover of SI and hitting 570 ft home runs? He got his GED and went to JuCo so he could get to MLB quicker?

Did Mauer talk about how he loved the Yankees? Did his wife trade Instagram posts with his childhood friend's wife about playing for a different team? Is his agent Scot Boras. When discussing the prospect of being the first 400 million dollar player, did he respond with "Don't sell me short"

Mauer spent 2 full seasons in the minors. Harper spent one. And the only reason he did was for service time rules. The Nationals have done nothing to develop Harper as a player. They simply lost 4 more games than the Pirates.

I get your point here but you're selling Mauer short.  Sure, he's an overpaid bum now but he had a crap ton of hype when he was at Cretin-Derham both as a QB prospect and a baseball prospect.  You're also trying to compare Pete Rose-light Vegas Bryce against true blue milquetoast Minnesota Nice Joe Mauer, which isn't really fair.  Joe Mauer would literally say "oh jeez, I understand" if the Twins outright released him today.  Can you imagine what Bruce Happa would do?