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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
« Reply #925: January 04, 2018, 12:10:16 PM »
I'm not going to rack my brains out for a positional player trade.  I do not think the line up needs a positional upgrade to win the division, barring injuries.  There could be some regression from RZ and MAT in particular, but Eaton replacing Werth is a pretty YUGE! upgrade.  If catcher is really a drag, then we can make a mid-season move, especially if Robles is ready.  I don't think a delay in Murphy starting the season is a death blow. 

Rizzo should play this passively.  Hold out for high returns if he's asked about a player, be willing to get involved in a 3 way deal if we have a piece that's needed (like Souza was for the Myers deal), but otherwise let's see if Robles is ready in June, let's see if Soto can handle higher level pitching, and let's hope for a dead cat bounce at catcher.  Hold the powder dry in case you need to deal to cover for an injury.  For example, if Rendon goes down, then see what it takes to rent Donaldson. 

I would still like to see if we could find a lefty under team control for multiple years who could step in as a #3 starter when Gio goes, and I would not mind a high end bullpen arm if there are some floating around.  That's it, really.  A 5th outfielder RH pinch hitter out of the unsigned when we get to West Palm.  If you think Severino or Difo can be a 5th OF, then you have even more flexibility in that last  bench spot.