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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, NLDS Game 5
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With Gio I am hopeful he'll pitch well, but not confident.  Gio had a terrific season, but I admit I was always sort of waiting for it to blow up.  He barely hits 90 MPH now, so his success really hinges on that hook.  I wonder if the Cubs getting another look at him so quickly doesn't make Gio all the more hittable?

I do think that same logic applies to us hitting Hendricks.  Hendricks relies on location and fooling you instead of raw stuff, and you would think now that we've had a look at him 6 days ago that we'd have a much better approach and knock the cover off the ball.  I don't think it matters how many times you see a guy like Max or SS, they're stuff is just too good.  Certainly not the case with Hendricks.