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Re: Nationals @ Mets. Game 2
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(1) The challenge, the password, and wow

Going up the escalator at CitiField, we noticed an older couple -- about ten years older than me -- and he was wearing a Nats away cap.

He: "Harmon Killebrew"

Me: "Roy Sievers"

He: "Camilo Pascual"

He: "I hope you will root especially hard for number 62. He's our grand-son. Sean..."

Me: "Of course! Please say hello for all of us at the Nats Fan Forum"

(2) Murphy looms

Tenth inning. Met fan next to us has been explaining baseball to his girl-friend. "I think Murphy's going to hit one 415 feet." Murphy hits the ball off the big apple apparatus in CF. Met fans, and there are many, in anguish. Nat fans, scattered everywhere, stand, cheer, wave to each other.

(3) "M-E-T-S...Mets Mets Woo!"

Yes, a block of orange-shirted Met fans in CF keep it up all game.

(4) Werth spots the red, plus "hiss" and "pop"

When Werth finishes an inning with a baseball, he looks for Nats fans and tosses them the ball. Incidentally, Werth made two sliding catches heading toward the line, just in front of us. Werth folding his legs, glove a few inches above the grass, the sizzle of the line-drive streaking past, the "pop" of ball into Werth's glove. Reminds me, again, of the difference between a major-leaguer and the rest of us who played baseball for fun.