Author Topic: Cubs to give Bartman a World Series ring  (Read 2877 times)

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Re: Cubs to give Bartman a World Series ring
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...and if he was 6'6" 240#, he would have caught the ball and nobody would have dared give him crap.  Wouldn't have kept the Cubs shortstop from missing the ground ball that was hit right at him.

This guy lost +/- 14 years of his life for this.  He was a nice, quiet guy who coached little league and loves his Cubbies.

He deserves more than a ring...they should ask him to throw out the first pitch at the first playoff game this year, and give him mitlen and Spider type seats for the game.  And he can flip the bird to Cubs Nation for all I care.

I read that over the years, the Cubs have made overtures.    He declined.