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"What you said is really dumb. But I still value your input."  I think I learned that in management training.

I know folks who wouldn't even hear/read the second half of the comment.    They would immediately respond with an old Western Pennsylvania idiom that has "you" in it.*      :P

*  might have a finger point for emphasis

I hope this isn't a dumb analogy but it's mine and I wear it.     Driving to see my sister in the Pittsburgh area, I often take the turnpike for part of that trip.    For those who have drivin' on the PA Turnpike, you know what a white knuckle experience that can be.    I sometime find myself in the fast lane playing crazy "games" with trucks, snow, rain, night conditions, speedin'/in a hurry, etc.    I get "caught up in it".    Every once in a while, I come to my senses and think, "What the hell are you doin'?    This is nuts."     I like to think I can occasionally self censor myself on the WNFF Turnpike as well (VaRK calls it "ninja".)  ...   without "rules".     On those rare occasions I cross the boundary, the State Police (Chief, JCA, TT, etc.) pull me over and give me a ticket.