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Re: Where to find...
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One sentence.    :)     That's the one "rule" I try to live by on this site.    I try not to use "you" or "your" in a sentence (unless I'm highly pissed) or bein' a wise guy.     When someone writes, "You  ...." or "Your point  ....", it's a "call out" IMHO and the gloves are off.   I don't always succeed but that's where I try to have my boundary.     Other than that, have at it.

So... being careful with my words here... (hehe)... that could be taken to mean that there is disagreement with one or more of the five "guidelines" I'd offered... ???

I'm glad you posted that, btw.... ie, the "you" thing... I'd never even thought about it here, though in professional life, that's a rule I too try to keep in mind.

All honesty, I'll try to be careful/considerate when we discuss x, y or z, since you've said that outright. But I'd be curious to know if anyone else feels that way... I personally don't, but maybe I'm an outlier on that and had no idea. To me, this is much less formal than a professional context, and it just feels more awkward/formal to adopt that rule for my writing for anyone and everyone... and certainly don't expect it of others to not use "you" in referring to me.