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Yep. (re: #3)

One sentence.    :)     That's the one "rule" I try to live by on this site.    I try not to use "you" or "your" in a sentence (unless I'm highly pissed) or bein' a wise guy.     When someone writes, "You  ...." or "Your point  ....", it's a "call out" IMHO and the gloves are off.   I don't always succeed but that's where I try to have my boundary.     Other than that, have at it.

May I add something I may have written before  ...  Pops told me, "You can call somebody a SOB two different ways.    You can call 'em a SOB and have to fight 'em or you can call 'em a SOB in a way that they don't realize it 'til they're half way home."