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Ok, I'm weighing in early about the season. I'm not optimistic. Sherzer doesn't make 30 starts. Ross flames out and at best is a #5. Strasburg does not have his Cy Young year but does well. Gio is Gio  (inconsistent) and Roark wins 15 games. BP is a disaster. Blanton and Nathan are cut by June. Treinen becomes the closer and does OK but Rizzo gets a real closer by Aug 1. Glover , Kelley , Solis  are decent set up men.
Taylor is the ST King and is sent down by the end of May batting <.200. Weiters doesn't start over a 100 games and Lobaton has no offensive skills. Werth and Zimmerman are rested often and one of them should be benched but isn't because he is on the DL. Turner has an extremely slow start that lasts until June. Rendon has a lacksidasical (sp) season. Harper carries the team the whole season. Murph does not repeat 2016 but is solid. Baker mis-uses the BP and takes too long to slide Murph over to 1B and inserting Drew at 2B. 84 wins . Subject to modifications by OD.