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Re: Follow the Prospects: Luis Garcia, SS
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Oh mlb pipeline huh? That notable website that also has Daniel Johnson with two 60 tools and Carter Kieboom with zero. Very reputable.

Thank god Erick Fedde has two 60 pitches!

It may not stack up to others in terms of detail for every prospect but it’s an outside source that was easy enough to find a comparison at similar ages. And it’s free. At least I provided some info for both at the same development stage and wasn’t just making things up.  It is possible for players to bust and fail despite being talented. Fedde’s fastball and slider have always been lauded. He was a mid 1st round pick despite needing TJ. Johnson was always considered very toolsy but needed development. Him having 2 60 grades for arm speed doesn’t mean he should be considered a better prospect than Kieboom. Kieboom being pretty much a 55 across the board isn’t a knock on him either. Other than maybe power, I don’t think anyone would give Kieboom a 60 in any tool. And for power, I’ve seen him as a 55 in multiple places and 60 in one. So it’s not like the grades are drastically different. I’m not sure what the gripe is in your examples.

You created some random criteria for inclusion in the to 100 and I pointed out that it’s flawed. That’s all.