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Re: Report: Wieters Nearing Deal with Nats
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I respectfully, but seriously disagree with this. All of those guys, with the exception of Treinin, are 60 inning RP until they prove otherwise. And that's, like, MAX 60 IP. I don't think guys like Perez, Solis or Gott will get to 60 IP this season in the majors.

You need 85 IP out of your bullpen per month even if you have a really good rotation. 6 RP splitting those evenly means 14 IP per month per RP, or an 84 IP rate for an entire season.

So how long is that sustainable, and what happens to the bullpen in the second half of the season? You could easily have half the pen gassed and halfway to their innings projections by the end of May.

And if the short-term answer is, lean on Treinin and Kelley, then you really run the risk of those guys being ineffective in September and beyond. As bad as our bullpen looks to me, I certainly don't want to face the end of the season without those two guys.

To be clear, it's only really for the opening crunch while you keep trying to deal a catcher/wait for Zimmerman to get hurt. If Zimmerman hurt, you have Lind/Wieters/Norris at 1st, Wieters/Norris/Lobatón catching, and call up a pitcher. If a catcher is hurt, fine. No iteration of the roster lasts forever, but if we start with this it's not the end of the world.