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Re: Lerners are Cheap - 2017
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How long have you been following this team? I'm guessing that you weren't around for the Kasten years. The team repeatedly made your same point, that they weren't going to blow money on a non-contender but that the funds would be available in a year or two when the team improved. Well the future is now and we're hearing reports that Rizzo doesn't have the money for a closer, or a decent catcher, or a bench.

the Heyman article said we made a big offer to Jansen, more than what LA offered him ($80 million over 5 years), with little deferred money.  It also said we offered $50 million to Melancon.  If either had taken our offer, our payroll would have jumped by more than $12 million next year.

After reading it, I'm thinking either Jansen was a Mark Lerner project, or Rizzo just doesn't like to sign older free agents, especially relievers, to big money deals.