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Re: Lerners are Cheap - 2017
« Reply #100: February 07, 2017, 10:04:09 AM »
So dumb. Great, we sign Torii Hunter for $15 million a year after the 2007 season to win 62 games instead of 59 games in 2008. Mariners still win 61 and finish with the worst record in baseball, and draft Stephen Strasburg. We draft Dustin Ackley.

Then we double down and sign Teixeira after the 2008 season. Teixeira and Hunter propel us all the way to 67 wins in 2009 so only the 5th worst record! Instead of Bryce Harper (playing in Pittsburgh right now) we draft Drew Pomeranz.

Sure, instead of Strasburg and Harper we have Ackley and Pomeranz this year. But hey, we have all those special memories of Hunter and Teixeira being valuable contributors on those last place Nats teams!

How long have you been following this team? I'm guessing that you weren't around for the Kasten years. The team repeatedly made your same point, that they weren't going to blow money on a non-contender but that the funds would be available in a year or two when the team improved. Well the future is now and we're hearing reports that Rizzo doesn't have the money for a closer, or a decent catcher, or a bench.