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Re: Thread lock indicator
« Topic Start: August 19, 2016, 10:42:18 AM »
This is what I see:

(Image removed from quote.)

Does yours look different? the far left column, I have small smiley boxes between the lock symbol and the far left of the illustrated page(s) for all but Game 2 of the Rockies series on the current page, and some of the subsequent/earlier pages. 

There are also 2/3 pages with a folded top left corner like yours has for that game, but only 1 page for those with the smiley.  If you tell me how to do a screen shot, I can do that too...

Just seems odd...

EDIT:  Just occurred to me...I did not have a post for Game 2 of the Rockies series...maybe the square smiley is an indicator that you contributed to a thread?  That doesn't explain the different number of "pages" shown with a folded left top corner though.