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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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VaRK - here are the top 20 pitcher contracts by Annual average value (AAV):

Basically, in 2013, it took maybe the elite to make $24MM+ AAV (Verlander, Greinke, Hernandez, Hamels), and they all got 6 or 7 years. By 2014, you saw Tanaka getting that money, and and Kershaw blowing that away at $30MM+.  By 2015, you saw that money going to the Lester, and you saw the top tier getting Scherzer money.  Porcello was a year away from free agency and got over $20MM AAV for a 4 year extension. 

6 years, $150MM is $25MM a year for a 1A or a #2 is the low end of the market (Waino took a home town discount, which JZ will not do). With money sloshing around, I see JZ easily topping 5 years $124MM.  Very likely, he ends up with 6 years and $148MM ($24MM AAV) guaranteed, and some sort of option with a buy out that gets him over $150MM.

Man...that's crazy money.  I'd even come out of retirement for that kind of scratch...