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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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I remember Baldy and Tooth of Time.  Commanche & Phillips doesn't ring a bell, though

Phillips is the highest altitude camping area.  Commanche is its twin peak, had been heavily mined and there are amazing mineral rocks lying all around you as you hike through.  Baldy is 12,441 ft high while Phillips is 11,742, the 2nd highest peak in the ranch.

I forgot Tooth - how could I?  Saw our 2nd rattlestnake at the base, had a great rock scramble up, then ran out of water hiking out.   The final descent was brutally in the hot sun and the boys had taken shortcuts in water prep the night before leaving us all a bit short.  I had 3 liters total (wanted 4.5) and that was gone with a couple hours to hike.