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Re: Problem With WNFF Toolbar
« Topic Start: April 27, 2007, 11:43:10 PM »
I had to uninstall the toolbar as IE was freezing all the time. As soon as I did the uninstall, the problem disappeared. But now I don't have our great toolbar :'(
Think this might be corrected sometime soon?

Do you know if you were using the most recent version of the Toolbar, and by that I don't mean the automatic updates of any links that appear in the toolbar. The most recent version supposedly fixed several bugs. I never use MSIE, because it's not as good as Firefox, not as safe, and I cant block ads in MSIE, where with the proper extension, in Firefox I can.

Can you tell me when you downloaded and installed the Toolbar? I don't need an exact date, but if oyu can give me an appoximate date, that will tell me whether or not you were running the older version.