Author Topic: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2015)  (Read 86528 times)

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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2015)
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No. I'm saying that bad umpiring is irrelvant to the discussion of Harper's childish behavior.  NOT that it's not a bad thing not that it doesn't affect the integrity of the game

We sort of agree. The bad umpiring is what causes his behavior but he needs to control his own actions. The bigger issue is the bad umpiring and how it's hurting the game.

I can only speak for myself but I can be enjoying a game (win or lose) and the only time I get pissed is when the umps hose my team. It ruins the game for me. It certainly did that last night. The call on Werth (which was borderline but still wrong) and the call on Harper ruined the game for me. I'm still pissed.

Or the bad calls in Game 5 against St. Louis. I will never get over those. Somehow it seems like a severe injustice, worse then when my team fails at something.