Which Max year was better, 2016 or 2017? (reply 865 has some comparitive stats)

2016 - better record, more innings, more Ks
0 (0%)
2017 - better ERA, WHIP, FIP; personal best ERA relative to league; fewer HRs per fly, per IP
10 (100%)

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Author Topic: The $210 Million Man - Scherzer Appreciation and Doubts  (Read 54932 times)

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We are 2-5 in Scherzer's starts since the ASB.  That ain't cutting it, folks.  We need more from him.

6IP 2ER is pretty good in Coors. Especially when the two runs come on bloops from the pitcher. Only scoring two off of Flande? Inexcusable. We could run Cy Young out every game and still go sub-.500 if we're going to roll over to these chumps.