Which Max year was better, 2016 or 2017? (reply 865 has some comparitive stats)

2016 - better record, more innings, more Ks
0 (0%)
2017 - better ERA, WHIP, FIP; personal best ERA relative to league; fewer HRs per fly, per IP
10 (100%)

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Author Topic: The $210 Million Man - Scherzer Appreciation and Doubts  (Read 54935 times)

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Scherzer has no pitching load history to match what Mattie has asked of him this year.  Scherzer is getting pounded on the radio this morning but , ahem, as I have been saying since game 2 NLCS, Mattie does not know his players.

Look at the link below and search for a 4 start stretch that he has gone beyond 8 innings.  Look at Cy Young years of 2013 and 2014 and consider that given the 4 start load between 14 June and 2 July of this year - he may have a dead arm.  He has never been in a stretch like that and although I understand the need for his no-hit performance, the following games were not excusable - Philly and Atlanta could stand to face that well rested bullpen for the 6th or 7th innings.

It would not surprise me that Scherzer is doing what he can, as he has all year, to lead and suck-it-up, but the responsibility of managers and coaches is to help the TEAM be in a position to win.  Total failure here by the manager - again.