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Re: Michael Taylor superstar
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NJ Ave - I'm thinking of a Mike Cameron (11% BB, 24% K for career, .195 ISO, close to .340 OBP) type of player, with better base stealing skill.  Maybe that is  an unfair comparison.  You are probably right that it is too much to expect.  Add that with stellar defense from age 24 to 30, and that is a star.

Taylor had that kind of walk rate in the high minors (2012 A+ on up). The K rate only started to push over 25% last year in AA and AAA.  Granted, better pitchers, so not to unusual.  If he were an 8% BB / 25% K guy, I'd really think we'd be in for some 5 WAR years.

I actually looked this up yesterday because Cameron is always the guy in the back of my head as a Taylor comp. Cameron did have 3 years at the level of production Span has been producing at, but more often he was about half as productive - Span has been producing at a 20 offensive run level, whereas Cameron had 9 seasons of between 7.9 and 12.3 offensive runs. I think that 10-run level is something to shoot for with Taylor.

But anything in the 0-10 run range and we've got a 3-win CF (i.e. we can focus our attention on other problems :))