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Re: Must See TV Thread
« Reply #1275: December 03, 2019, 09:56:02 AM »
History channel was pretty much the WW2 channel until they created the military channel and then History channel lost all its viewers and started down the awful reality tv route.

Such a shame because  the only show I truly enjoy on there is American pickers but they have gotten too far away from the original premise of the show.

history of the gun was a good show.  one of the experts who was regularly on the show ran the ordnance museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds when I was stationed there.

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Re: Must See TV Thread
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Are there any other folks here who are also obsessed with the PBS Newshour ?  2IPAs & I tape each show to see when we aren't home at dinnertime.

Last night's show (Friday the 13th) was particularly good.  Besides the regular great political discussion with Mark Shields & David Brooks, there was a piece about misinformation that is spread on the Internet through some social organizations.  One very interesting aspects was interviews with those who spread misinformation and the system or plan they use to fo this.  Here is a link:

Then to change gears, there was a piece on this Moslem musical group invited by Winston-Salem NC town council to perform in the US: