Author Topic: Who's our best potential power hitter, in your opinion?  (Read 3319 times)

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Ryan Zimmerman

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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
Quote from: "Ryan Zimmerman"
A question...what's the venezualan summer league? I saw, we're sharing a team there with the some players there belong to us?

The official Venezuelan Summer League web site can be found here: with the team shared by the Marlins and Nats being Universidad. They are dead last and have the team with the worst hitting stats I've ever seen. From looking at each team's stats, it seems to be a league where pitching is much stronger then the hitting, either that, or the hitting sucks big time throughout the league.
Once on the main page, click on Universidad then roster, and then on each individual player to see who is affiliated with who.

Alex Bompart is KICKIN *** tho'!!!

He belongs to us!

thx alot! :P  :wink: