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Re: Mets @ Nationals Game 1
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  Their names are in the ring of fame and I believe their numbers are alongside. I always say hello to anyone wearing the Expos M, glad to have the fans follow the franchise to DC. But there is no doubt that this franchise and the stadium pay homage to the history of baseball in DC. Four flagpoles on the scoreboard fly three Senators pennants, one blank hopefully to be replaced by a flag dated 2014!
  Have you visited? If you come, please let me know and you'll be treated to some Southern Hospitality. Guarenteed!

Isn't Washington in the North?

I believe in continuity of the franchise.

I also hate it when they give a city a team that had one before and they recycle the name (like the Brewers, the Senators, and numerous hockey teams).

I'm cool with teams moving...but the team moved.  That's the team.

I'd love to visit.  I really wood.  The guys aren't hitting Seattle this year, so unless I want to go to San Francisco, I might as well catch a homer.