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Re: Follow the Prospects: Rafael Bautista, CF
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I'm in the Rafael Bautista fan club but I think he profiles as a pinch runner and defensive sub. Maybe you could live with him as a starter in center for a while if you had big bats in both corners. I like him as a prospect because there is value in that production.

But right now Michael Taylor can give you that.
Bautista's day will be if Taylor runs out of options or is traded.

Can he? MAT has 806 major league plate appearances with an OBP under .280. This year he's started out 1 for 15 with 5 Ks. I'm not sure why he remains above anyone on the depth chart at this point. Seems like the same thing we did with Tyler Moore, which is keep someone on the roster for no apparent reason year after year because once upon a time they had 100 good at bats.