Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Rafael Bautista, CF  (Read 6606 times)

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Interesting. I'm hoping between he and Stevenson one of them can emerge by 2018 as a big time defensive center fielder with plus base running and a bat that doesn't kill the lineup. I'm guessing Werth will be replaced next trade deadline or in the 2017/18 offseason with a big bat in LF who eventually profiles to move to 1B once Zim's contract is up. Adds to the value of a top glove in CF. Taylor right now is top notch in CF and is a good pinch runner but his bat hasn't let the Nats keep him in the lineup for any length of time. Lots of time to play out but good to see we have options. Center field has been such a problem for the Nats over past decade.

Dont forget Goodwin. I think at this point this is not just a hot stretch, this may be who he is.