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BP's Tucker Blair

Rafael Bautista, CF, Nationals (Low-A Hagerstown)
 The speedy Dominican flashed all his tools this weekend against Delmarva. He has quick hands and plus bat speed, but they take a little longer to get going than I usually like in a hitter. However, he makes up for this by using a small load. This minimizes the power tool some, but Bautista is a wiry-framed player built more for speed anyways. He hit a line drive homer this weekend, which displayed what he can do when he barrels a pitch. In the field, Baustista displays plus range and has natural instincts. He is a natural center fielder and should stick there in the future. The speed is also plus, although the high stolen base numbers come more from good instincts on the basepath rather than the pure speed. Baustista is a toolsy player, but the swing might become overmatched at higher levels because there is not extreme impact with the bat. His role could be more fourth outfielder than second-division starter. –Tucker Blair

And a couple of follow up comments:

Oh my Bautista hopes just took a massive hit by Sir Blair. Thought at his age some more optimism with bat Spd would make him Nats CF of future. Does he not project to a "Span" type with more Spd? He needs physical maturity to add weight at impact like Dee Gordon from a couple years ago.
Tucker Blair BP staff

Sir Blair. That makes me feel #old
I wouldn't say I am "down" on Bautista. I really like him in the field, but the bat is just not all that enticing. I wrote a full report on him as well, but sneak preview:
"He could end up piecing enough together at the plate for a few second-division type seasons, but is likely a fourth outfielder due to lack of a hit tool and impact bat. The speed is great, but is not good enough to impact his game at the plate."