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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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Scandinavian mass-market beer, except for Ringnes, Frydenlund, Tuborg and a few others, is generally fairly dire. The only beer you can buy at a grocery store or other off-licence in Finland or Sweden is the aforementioned 2.25% ABV (known as lättöl in Sweden, and very popular there); anything stronger has to be bought at Alko (Finland) or Systembolaget (Sweden) (both rather like Virginia ABC stores) or at a restaurant or bar (for on-premises consumption).

And the mid-1980's the Pripps brewery in Sweden tried marketing lättöl in the United States, under the brand name 'Nordik [sic] Wolf Light'. Suffice it to say that compared to this brew, Bud Light packs a Dogfish-Head-style was a flop, and if I recall aright was off the US market within a year.

I personally hate Ringnes.  Even Mariestads is better for the same type of beer, as long as you're willing to drink Swedish rather than Norwegian.

It's an interesting societal effect, though:  If you have to go to Systembolaget for all your alcohol, why bother with beer when all the liquor's just sitting there (even if grocery stores sell stuff that's up to 3.5%, which is not really a noticeable difference from the light stuff.   As a result, there are some pretty good Norwegian microbrews - AEgir is awesome, and you'll never see a brewery in a more scenic location - but everything in Swedish bars is local macrobrew swill or imported.  There's a reason BrewDog has done so well there.