Author Topic: Barves: Knights Templar of Unwritten Rules and gutless anti-American douche bags  (Read 66216 times)

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I'm pretty sure the Dbacks are pretty open about what they're doing.  Gibson giving fist bumps to ejected pitchers and all.  I can't say I disagree with their stance.  I am not, and haven't been, for hitting people but you can only be pushed so far.
You don't go up an in with a fastball if you intend to hit a guy.  That is the unwritten rule.  Thighs are ok and soft is OK.  If you are going to do the traditional retaliation, do it the right way. This "we are old school, no wimpification, take care of our own" claim is BS if you come in high with a fastball.   Delgado, Montero, and Gibson should be suspended 5 games each and fined, with the proceeds going to a head trauma charity.